History Intent

At Highfield, we believe that a knowledge and understanding of the past helps children better understand the complexity and diversity of society and their place within it. In Key Stage 1, the starting point is personal histories and themes which link ‘then and now’, as children begin to abstract the passage of time. In Key Stage 2, topics are studied chronologically to enable children to build on their knowledge and key skills, and to make links in their learning. Children evaluate primary and secondary sources and question their reliability, and develop an understanding of why change has happened and how people felt about it. Enquiry based lessons provide an opportunity to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. School trips, or learning experiences beyond the classroom, help immerse children in the period studied. Local history is incorporated, where possible, to provide context. We endeavour to represent the diversity of our school community (ethnicity, gender, disability and neuro-diversity) when studying history so that children can see themselves within our curriculum.

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