Forest School


Img 8348Forest School Intent

Forest Schools originated in Denmark in the 1950s as a way of teaching children about the environment. All the children at Highfield Infants' participate in Forest School sessions where they learn practical and social skills and are taught to understand health and safety issues.  The sessions provide the children with an opportunity to practise managing risk in a controlled environment; promoting independence, fostering curiosity, encouraging information-based decision making and a child-led approach.  

Forest School sessions are tailored to provide cross currucula support for the topics in the termly curriculum learning and may include activities such as; shelter building, creating stick men, potion making, identifying trees, birds, flora and fauna.  Approaching classroom based learning in the new context of an outdoor environment, and offering more physical, hands on engagement, helps to strengthen and embed the children's knowledge.

Through Forest School, the children are encouraged to use their imaginations, explore, problem solve and develop resilience, helping to build self confidence and self esteem.  Research shows that Forest School sessions increase activity levels 2.2 times promoting well being and healthy life choices.